LCS Central Activities – Youth Exchange

LCS Central Activities – Youth Exchange. One of the programme we scheduled for the Youth Exchange is an activity at the Lions Befrienders Tampines Senior Activity Centre (SAC). The students mingled and kept the seniors accompanied with a game of bingo, taught them origami (art […]

LCS Central Activities – 54th National Day Celebration

LCS Central Activities – 54th National Day Celebration. The 54th National Day celebration, organised by LCS Central, was held at the Singapore Recreation Club.  It involved 20 youths from KidzCare, 12 Japanese students with 20 seniors from Kembangan Chai Chee SAC. In total there were […]

LCS Central Activities – New Year

LCS Central Activities – New Year. LCS Central celebrated New Year with the seniors from Kembangan Chai Chee SAC Besides serving lunch, a series of activities were organized to socialize with 180 needy residents.  Starting with some simple exercise, there were karaoke, bingo, birthday celebration, […]

LCS Central Activities – Xmas Party

LCS Central Activities – Xmas Party. LCS Central organized a Xmas party for 150 residents of Thye Hua Kuan (THK) at Eunos.  Joining us in this event were 32 students and teachers from MAKE Learning.  We started the event with a Christmas carolling followed by […]

LCS Central Activities – Chinese New Year

LCS Central Activities – Chinese New Year. Lantern is one of the décors in ushering in the Chinese New Year. LCS Central takes this opportunity to organize a lantern-making event for the seniors of Kembangan Chai Chee precinct.  Organizing Chairperson: LCS Central

LCS Nanyang – Pre Xmas 2020

LCS Nanyang Pre Xmas 2020. We hosted lonely elderly from Lions Befrienders to celebrate Christmas 2019.We sponsored the 2-way transport to and from LB SACs and Blossom Garden Restaurant.Chairman Gilbert Tan was our Guest of Honor with Treasurer Eng Chen Lian also joining us in this celebration.5 […]

LCS Meyer – Orchestral Community Outreach Projects

Orchestral Community Outreach Projects. Our club’ second write-up on our involvement in orchestral performances.  LCS Meyer has been actively engaged since 2017 in enabling seniors in Singapore to enjoy the music produced by our home-grown talents in the Chinese orchestra scene. 13 May 2017 – SCO Mother’s […]

LCS Nanyang – Hot Meals

LCS Nanyang – Hot Meals. Our club’s hot meals project at LB Senior Activity Centre from June to Oct 2020. “Seniors are delighted to receive a packet of large chicken drum stick, vegetables, fried rice and 3 types of fruits each. Hot meals were delivered between […]

LCS Meyer – LCSF Website Write-ups

LCS Meyer – LCSF Website Write-ups. The first write-up we have on hand on Dangerous Decibels. “The Dangerous Decibels®️ program is globally renowned for its evidence-based classroom program shown to be effective at changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to the prevention of noise-induced hearing […]