2020-2021 International President

My Presidential Theme – We Serve

Dear Lions,

Service to others defines who we are. It is the very reason we exist as a global organization. A Lions club brings people together. And when people come together, great things become possible. Friendships form, leaders emerge, communities are made and plans are drawn. But it all comes down to one thing—service. Our singleminded purpose as Lions is—and always has been—to provide service to those in need.

With “We Serve” as our motto, this year we will focus on bridging all divides, in our clubs, communities and around the world. This is a call for all Lions to serve all people in all places and be the shining example to the world of the good that can be accomplished when we serve through diversity. And we believe that diversity bridges all divides.

With our Global Causes, technological innovations and visionary, global strategy through LCI Forward, we realize the greater good that can only be achieved when we join together as one. Our service unites us, and together we are more.

I have always believed that at the heart of Lions’ service is love, compassion, inclusion and connection. By reaching within our communities, our clubs and ourselves, we will continue to find creative solutions to solve the world’s most pressing problems and help those in need. We are Lions. We can make the world a better place when We Serve through diversity.


Dr. Jung-Yul Choi
International President 2020-2021
Lions Clubs International